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לעילוי נשׁמת חיה בּת צבי יוסף יבּ"לח
In memory of Chaya bas Zvi Yosef yb"lch

Chayala’s radiant, joyful smile was her most famous, most defining characteristic. It lit up rooms, warmed hearts, and was ever-present, even in the face of great pain.

Armed with no words but a million-watt smile, Chayala accomplished so much. She didn’t come into this world to do; she came into this world to teach. She taught us how to be gracious; she taught us how to listen; she taught us courage and strength in the face of adversity.

In this world, our souls are housed by our bodies and obscured by their physicality and coarseness. But Chayala’s body was so limited, so fragile, so clearly there only to contain her neshama, her soul. Without the interference of external physical trappings, her smile was a pure expression of that soul. With Chayala’s passing, the world has lost a rare neshama, an uncommon spark of holiness. With this Sefer Torah, we hope to return some of that holiness to the world.

In tribute, we ask you to join us in writing a Sefer Torah in memory of Chayala. Each time that this Sefer Torah is used, it will be a zechus (merit) for Chayala, perpetuating the life of her precious neshama.

The Sefer Torah will be used by Misaskim of Greater Washington – an organization that is there to assist mourners with all their needs during shivah (the mourning period). We hope to provide the organization with the Sefer Torah traditionally kept in the mourners’ home for the week of shivah.